Are Supplement Reviews Manipulating You?

paid-reviews-20161031“80% Of Consumers Trust Reviews as Much as a Personal Recommendation”
“Over Half of Young People Aged 18 to 34 Say They Trust Online Reviews More Than The Opinions of Friends and Family”

Research shows that 90% of buying decisions are influenced by online reviews… This makes sense since you are getting an honest opinion of another con Continue reading “Are Supplement Reviews Manipulating You?”

Stop Wasting Time With The Weights!


Before You Get Going, You Need To Know How to Get There

We are all part of the fitness community. Whether you have an expert trainer, just started P90X in your spare time, or just a regular gym-goer, you are to some degree a fitness enthusiast. Something great about being a part of this sport is there are so many amazing people

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Cellucor C4 Ripped… Can It Really Get You Ripped?


Cellucor C4 is the most popular pre workout in the supplement world without question. It is the first pre workout everyone tries when they begin an exercise routine, and very frequently, other pre workout supplements are reviewed in comparison by the question “how many scoops of C4 is it equivalent to,” Simply because everyone can use that as a general reference to a pre workouts strength. With all of the new products, brands and even scams being released to the public, it seems almost daily a new pre workout is introduced. But how can you tell if C4 or one of the many offshoots are going to Continue reading “Cellucor C4 Ripped… Can It Really Get You Ripped?”

Think you are getting the best deal on protein? Think again…

In the fitness community, 99% of people are overwhelmed by the amount of different products, don’t know the difference between the ingredients, and do not have the time to take hours and hours of researching to pick apart the minute details of the ingredient labels to see which one is more effective. Everyone is looking for a great deal, an awesome sale, or the lowest price for Continue reading “Think you are getting the best deal on protein? Think again…”