Are Supplement Reviews Manipulating You?

paid-reviews-20161031“80% Of Consumers Trust Reviews as Much as a Personal Recommendation”
“Over Half of Young People Aged 18 to 34 Say They Trust Online Reviews More Than The Opinions of Friends and Family”

Research shows that 90% of buying decisions are influenced by online reviews… This makes sense since you are getting an honest opinion of another consumer who is informing others of their unbiased experience with that product. Reviews of products, based on those statistics, are some of the best sources then, to use as a general guideline to make smart purchases. This is especially true in regard to the supplement industry. With so many supplements and ingredients, it is a job in itself to keep up to date with the studies, lawsuits, changes and everything else involved. It is very helpful when someone has tried the product before you and can give feedback as to whether or not to spend your hard earned money on that product. But what about when those individuals writing the product reviews are not looking out for your best interest?

“1 in 10 of All Online Reviews Are Paid for By Businesses”
“Today’s public relations is about reaching select influencers in appropriate ways. An influencer, for instance a blogger who covers your niche, can be as valuable to your business as a leading newspaper, because he or she has the trust of your target group”

Supplement companies spend millions of dollars to study the consumer and their target market. So they invest a lot of time observing you and what influences your decision. They know how to get consumers to form a positive opinion on a product, without it coming from the company itself. They also know most of the fitness community follows a handful of influential people which can have an impact on a large group with what they promote. Why spend millions on advertising when those individuals will be more trusted and listened to?


If someone you knew (or followed on social media) were to get paid by a supplement company to review a product would you still trust their opinion on that product? Is that review still unbiased and honest? In a perfect world, fitness enthusiasts would give a completely accurate review of their experience for the sake of helping out the next customer to make a more informed decision. But that is far from reality.

Money gets in the way of peoples morals and values. It’s even worse when someone in the fitness industry is “pimped out” by supplement companies, getting paid for writing reviews on the back end, and at the same time turning around and “helping” the ones READING THOSE REVIEWS!  By these individuals not disclosing that the company gave an incentive for the review, it is misleading individuals to purchase the supplement that they would have not otherwise purchased, and waste their money on a product that is not best suited toward their goals.


A paid review does not accurately represent the same experience or value as if that product had been purchased. Part of the assessment is the cost of the product in comparison to its effectiveness. How can the value be determined when they are being paid!? It is no different than someone paying $10 and having a great experience, and someone paying $100 for the same product, and being disappointed. Even though they saw the same results with the same product, their reviews are different due to the perceived value of the product. Not to mention, they are more likely to write a positive review since if the company receives a positive review, they are more likely to have that person write a review for the next product as well. This practice is discrediting the individuals who take their time to actually study the products ingredients, dosages, and efficacy, and deliver quality information to uninformed consumers.

Be Careful Who You Get Information From!

Here at Superset Sports Nutrition, we make a promise to every customer. We will continue to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity. We will not accept offers for false reviews to promote less effective products, or let anything compromise our morals. We promise to give our best suggestions to every store guest about effectiveness, quality and value of products. For us, the value is in our relationship with each individual customer, providing an unbeatable level of knowledge and service, and doing as much as we need to provide the best solutions for each individual to achieve their goals.


How Do You Feel About Paid Supplement Reviews? Do You Think It Ruins The Integrity Of The Reviewer? Let Me Know Your Thoughts In The Comments Below!

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